We help private and public employers, real-estate firms and multi-use properties offer up-to-the-minute fitness & well-being services.

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We guide private organizations in defining fitness and well-being strategies that are unique and responsive. As health & fitness trends change, we help our clients develop innovative and practical solutions that have lasting impact.

We bring over 20 years of public and private experience to US Federal, State & Local Government Agencies nationwide.
As the US Government Contractor we provide important health & fitness building blocks for many public agencies health & fitness initiatives. We are an approved US Federal GSA Contractor.

Design & Development.

Feasibility Studies & Needs Analysis
Budget Development
Equipment Procurement with Preferred Pricing
Strategic Positioning
Procurement and Logistics Management Marketing &
Pre-Opening Activities

At Aquila we work with you from the very beginning.  Before you even open your Fitness, Wellness or Spa Center we will recommend not only how many pieces of equipment you might require, but also suggest the most efficient choices for long-term success. Plus, by working with architects, general contractors, interior designers and equipment manufacturers we always aim to deliver the most cost effective solutions.

Over the years, we’ve designed facilities of all shapes and sizes, helping our clients to create facilities that can adapt to the changing needs of their organization.

With 20 years of knowledge and experience we can project your estimated usage, space allocation, revenue collections, operational costs, ROI as well as your customer needs and preferences.

On-site Management.

On-Site Fitness Center Management
Sports & Recreation Management
Spa Management
Tailored & Scalable Solutions

Our on-site management services are designed to ensure your members get the very best out of their health facilities.

Aquila managed fitness centers feature individual exercise assessment and prescription services, personal fitness training, a variety of sport and functional training services, group fitness classes, wellness and weight management programs, integrative medicine, nutrition education, and much, much more.

Sports & Recreation
Sports and recreation programs are a vital part of any successful company. Our sports & recreation programs bring employees together; provide team-building and greater employee morale. We also manage special events, leagues, sport events and recreation outings.

Aquila provides over 20 years of experience in the design and management of spas – standalone or integrated with fitness facilities. We provide five-star experience coupled with premier hospitality services that result in a truly unique experience for guests and members alike.

Health Engagement.

Customized Web Tools & On-Line Health Management Programs
Health Risk Assessments & Biometric Screenings
Organizational Health Audit & Program Participant Assessments
On-Site Health
Condition Management Programs
Integrated or Stand-Alone

We understand that a healthy workforce means a healthy business. For that reason, Aquila offers customized health solutions that provide the building blocks for the health and wellbeing of your organization. With an integrated series of administrative, educational, condition management, awareness strategies and clinical communication tools, our programs target some of the most common ailments, including: allergies, asthma, diabetes, chronic pulmonary disease, coronary artery disease, obesity, cancer and mental health.

All of our solutions can be integrated into your worksite health promotion program or obtained as stand alone services.

Wellness & Lifestyle.

On-Site Wellness Coaches, Nutritionists & Wellness Specialists
Wellness & Lifestyle Programs
Fitness & Physical Activity Initiatives
Nutritional Programs
Wellness Coaching
Custom Marketing & Communication
Motivational Programs & Challenges

Engaging employees in their wellbeing is the first step to building a healthy workforce. Aquila’s wellness and lifestyle programs are custom designed to improve the health performance of your team, while containing healthcare costs and promoting long-term change.

Our certified health professionals work with your employees to educate and engage them in their personal health goals.

By designing and providing onsite marketing communications our programs work holistically to promote the benefits of health and wellness to your entire organization.

Technology & Web.

Custom Tailored Technology Engagement
Streamlined Screenings
Real Time Progress & Tracking
Mobile Applications

Technology has transformed the way we monitor, maintain and promote a healthier lifestyle. Using the latest platforms, our product suites include a variety of solutions from streamlined screenings, behavior change programs to fitness & wellness modules, real time progress tracking, and mobile applications.

Designed to fit your needs, we work with your organization to recommend the most suitable applications for you and your team.

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