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On-site fitness and well-being centers plus health engagement.

Programs built for
a purpose

Founded on the principle of making high quality health and wellness accessible to all, Aquila prides itself on being able to offer the most flexible and comprehensive range of services and products on-site or off-site.

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Who we are

Aquila is a full service health, fitness, wellness & lifestyle management company. We provide on-site management services for a broad spectrum of clients. We service Fortune 1000 Companies, real-estate firms, multi-use/developers, federal and government agencies, encompassing over 100,000 customers in the US and overseas.

What we do

We enable organizations to achieve greater health and well-being efficiency, inspire fitness engagement with consumer-centric services and applications, and improve health outcomes.


We guide employers in defining well-being strategies that are unique and responsive. As health & fitness trends change, we help our clients develop innovative and practical solutions that have lasting impact.


We bring over 20 years of public and private experience to US Federal, State & Local Government Agencies nationwide.
As the US Government Contractor we provide important health & fitness building blocks for many public agencies health & fitness initiatives. We are an approved US Federal GSA Contractor.

Multi Use & Developer

We provide services for multi-use family, hotel, and developer companies enabling them to integrate up-to-the-minute fitness centers and wellness solutions into their properties.

Real Estate

We help real estate companies offer five-star-fitness facilities for corporate, commercial and mix use properties under a private label.

Our Clients

Over the course of 23 years, we have worked with a wide range of organizations
ranging from Fortune 1000 companies, private firms and government agencies. Here are some.

Why Aquila

Our scope of services incorporates a complete range of the leading health, fitness, and well-being tools for engaging individuals and organizations to better their health and improve their lifestyle.

National and worldwide reach

We partner with major employers, government and premiere healthcare providers throughout the U.S. and globally.

Customizable private solutions

We specialize in providing solutions tailored to match each client’s specific needs and the individuality of their environment.

Award winning fitness centers

Our centers are packed with inspiring individuals ready to take action to improve your health through individual workout plans, personal trainers, nutrition and well-being programs.

Cognitive behavior change programs

Recognizing that individuals need access to supportive mentoring through lifestyle change, Aquila incorporates full Cognitive Behavior Change lifestyle programs in Healthy Living Environment offerings.