Aquila Reports a 15% Increase in 2018 Revenue, Adds New Customers in Colorado, New Jersey, Maryland, Florida, California, and Partners with NASA Fitness & Health Promotion Services

Aquila, a leader in on-site fitness & well-being management services announced positive financial results for the year ended December 31, 2018. Consistent with performance for the past two years, Aquila has reported a 15% increase of revenue in 2018 in the US market overall.

The Miami, FL based company, Aquila added new customers in Colorado, New Jersey, Maryland, Florida, and California across real estate, corporate and government clients’ base. In 3rd quarter 2018, Aquila partnered with NASA to deliver on-site fitness & health promotion services, and ended the year by receiving four ACQ5 Global Service Awards.

“It is remarkable to watch the growth of fitness and wellness industry.   Employers and real estate properties have now embraced on-site fitness & well-being services as a norm, not a luxury any more,” said I. Yvan Miklin, President & CEO of Aquila. “As a provider of niche fitness & well-being services we continue to consistently increase operating revenue which is a direct result of our ability to individually serve our diverse customer base.”