Facility Management

Aquila’s on-site management services guarantee Government Agencies and end-users benefits that are unrivaled in the wellness industry.

Aquila-managed Government fitness and wellness centers offer individual exercise assessment and prescriptive services, personal fitness training, a variety of sport and functional training services, group fitness classes, wellness and weight management programs, integrative medicine, nutrition education and much, much more.

Sports & Recreation
Sports and recreation programs are a vital part of many Government and military centers. Our sports and recreation programs bring employees together for team-building and improved morale. We also manage special events, leagues, sports events and recreation outings to build a sense of community within your center.

  • On-site Government fitness & wellness center management
  • US Federal Government, State, County & Local Municipality
  • Sports & recreation management
  • Tailored & scalable solutions
  • GSA Advantage

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