Design & Development

From selecting a location to determining the scope and size of your facility, Aquila works with Government-approved architects, general contractors, interior designers and equipment manufacturers to deliver the most cost-effective solutions. We specialize in helping Federal Agencies, as well as State, County and Local Municipalities create facilities that meet their employees’ current needs, while also anticipating change and adapting to suit target audiences.

Aquila has served public-sector Agencies at every level for more than 25 years. Our team will project your Agency’s estimated fitness or wellness center usage, space needs, revenue or employee subsidy collections, and any operational costs. We’re also deeply familiar with Government employee customer needs and preferences and can help your Agency design a fitness or wellness center that drives engagement in concert with health initiatives.

  • Government fitness & wellness center feasibility studies & needs analysis
  • Budget development
  • Contract teaming with government-approved equipment manufacturers
  • Strategic positioning
  • Procurement and logistics management
  • Marketing & pre-opening activities
  • GSA Advantage

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